Syringe Shrink Label

Shrink wrap label for syringes Unscrew the cap from the label

Examples of syringe labels Examples of shrink tack labels


  • Display and seal on one label has been achieved and packing lines can be simplified.
  • Turn the rubber cap to open before use. Traces of opening may be left on the label.
  • Contents may be protected by selecting light resistant film. (Light resistance range / effect may differ based on design and film used)

Separatable label for bottle and syringe

Shrink Tack Label (Pat.P)

Medical error prevention label Peel the label from the bottle

Transfer the label to a syringe Transferable label to prevent errors


  • No pre-shrinking required.
  • Dual function of sealing and labeling.
  • Batch size is as with regular adhesive labels.
  • Label area has adhesive on its back, so the label does not fall off.
  • Label material film has light resistant property, and protects the content from UV light.
  • Uniaxial oriented film prevents distortion of barcodes during shrinking process.

Shrink Tack label for bottle