Vial Protect Pack

The shrink tack label for vials Label protects the bottle Label prevents bottle breakage

Assembling the Vial Protection label Insert the vial into the plastic protector Label around the vial and protector


  • With the goal of preventing bottle breakage, a protector is joined to the base of the vial by one shrink tack label with the printed display.
  • The shrink tack label covers the entire vial from the aluminum cap to the base and prevents spillage of the contents.
  • Light resistant film wrapping from the aluminum cap to the base protects the formulation.
  • After drawing the medical solution, part of the label can be removed and attached to the syringe.
  • Vial Protect Pack II consists of a protector cup and a shrink tack label to reduce risk of vial-breaking and direct exposure to the content.
  • In case of vial-breaking, the shrink wrap film prevents shattering and splash.
  • Shrink tack label holds the vial and the protector firmly with adhesive; therefore the vial does not slip off.
  • There is no special handling required because the Vial Protect Pack II fits the vial and does not affect the shape or the size of the vial.
  • Existing shrink tack labeler can be used.

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Vial protection by label